We love to collaborate with interesting new people like artists, brands, atheletes who share the same values. Then that darkest time arrived, the era of economic, social, health and logical crises have made us left behind and lonely. We were too fed up with the daily routine that we need to keep up. And yet all of us want to strive and confront our toughest enemy, which our own worst ego. Long story short, then destiny has brought us to a small shoe factory called MAKKNA, met with amazing people inside it. Where we have the same visual, purpose and ideals. We want to restore the essence of craftmanship in the world of shoe industry, it's like running through again our early time in the shoe industry. It's time to collaborate, but this time is different and it's great. With passionate hearts we want to develop our ideas that were stored in a storage on our hard drives. And now we gather together to present you: Street Rookie.

This is only the beginning.

The idea is to present a heritage feel yet it presenting the future from the look of the side stream logo section of the shoe upper quarter. With the sustainable values, we want the upper shoe section to be default, yet it has the special signature from the shoe vamp section. We are eager to reduce the waste of material from the industry that we found it still has value to be a pair of footwear.

We like to start small and think big. Born from the nation known to have expertise in producing fine shoes, & that what we found in MAKKNA factory on a smaller scale compare to other footwear industrial giants.

Explore the inherent potential from your neighborhood to perform your boundless dreams. Now, experience the craftsmanship and the genuine work from the artisan.