In 2018 we set out to develop a shoe that is technically different in its framework and function. We wanted to make skateboarding shoes that can also be used in other activities. By adding the sidestream logo (which is now being used by Street Rookie in 2022). This project was delayed in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, considering this delay due to the development costs that are not cheap for a brand that is still growing like FYC. Between 2019 and 2022 we continued to experiment with the durability of the shoe, by trying it out for skateboarding, sports, walking, light trekking and motorcycle touring in various weather conditions.

Finally, in 2022, we ready to release this product to the market. Here is the complete sample development process from year to year.

We hope that you will enjoy the results of this long process of developing and wear test of this FP-01.

Product info:
* Great fit
* Low cut styles
* Elastomer synth rubber molded, leather alike
* Extra holes for air circulation on upper
* Flywire system on shoelace
* Neoprene and jersey fabric inner, socks alike
* Phylon Midsole for great impact and "Banana - arch" support
* Rubber outsole for great grip with special custom FYC pattern
* Fit for any purpose of activity.
* Available Size 39 - 44 ( DOWN SIZE kindly check FP-01 size chart)







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